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Housing Advocacy & Representation


At First Housing, we work to prevent homelessness through the provision of free, independent and good quality housing advice services.  We offer specialist advice and housing information on a wide range of issues to assist clients achieve the best possible solution to their housing problems.   We also offer legal representation on debt and tenancy related issues, engaging with statutory housing providers and policy makers to reform and improve the legal and social position of people living in insecure accommodation.

The aim of our Housing Rights Service is to:-


  ●  Protect and enforce the legal rights and entitlements of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

  ●  Provide good quality impartial advice and effective advocacy and legal support where appropriate.

  ●  Assist clients with complex and challenging housing histories to access accommodation, which is safe, secure and affordable.


We believe that providing high quality advice services can prevent homelessness







 First Housing Charity Number: XR19886