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Alcohol & Community Outreach Services

The aim of our alcohol and community outreach programme is to support people with alcohol related issues to seek advice and options for permanent housing from statutory housing providers. 

In 2004 we established Damien House, a purpose built accommodation facility comprising 12 units of accommodation for men with alcohol related issues.  ‘Damien House’ named after a young man that was left with no other option but to sleep rough is an award winning project located in Derry catering for street drinkers and people sleeping rough in the North West.  The project, which is a partnership between First Housing, Supporting People and Habinteg Housing Association, is designed to offer crisis intervention and street outreach services to people with chronic alcohol difficulties who require emergency interim accommodation.

'Way2Go' Project  

The ‘Way2Go’ Project, was funded by the Big Lottery Fund in 2013 for a period of four years under the Impact of Alcohol programme. Our vision is to reduce the harm to individuals, families and communities directly affected by alcohol misuse. 


We operate across various areas of Northern Ireland: Derry/Londonderry, Omagh. Enniskillen, and Belfast/Armagh


We aim to:

  • Reduce the number of individuals who are homeless and/or sleeping rough, or at risk of becoming homeless and/or sleeping rough, because of alcohol related issues. 

We currently work in conjunction with our existing night support service in Derry/Londonderry that provides support on the streets to individuals that are homeless/and or sleeping rough due to alcohol misuse.  

We also work alongside our SmartMove NI Service, which provides temporary accommodation through private sector housing.  We offer additional support to those experiencing difficulties associated with alcohol misuse to allow tenancies to be created and sustained.

  • Provide young people who are homeless and/or sleeping rough or who have a history of homelessness and/or sleeping rough because of alcohol related issues, with opportunities to access training and information.

We run age specific, tailored workshops as a off, or over a period of weeks either in a group setting, or on a one to one basis.  We do this in schools, colleges, youth clubs and community centres, within temporary supported living projects and local communities.

  • Improve knowledge about the impacts of alcohol and the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

We provide advice and information on this across all our areas of service.  We offer a range of activities that aims to provide an alternative to excessive drinking.


If you would like to become involved please contact us, we would love to hear from you.


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