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Francis Street Young Persons' Project


Staff at Francis Street help smooth the difficult transition from care to independence. Francis Street Young Persons' Project is a highly supportive, tolerant environment where young people, through the mechanism of an individual empathetic support plan, begin a period of self analysis and reflection leading to self autonomy and independent living within the community, where they aspire to become valued members of society. 

Twenty four-hour support is provided, 365 days a year.  There will always be someone there to talk to if needed.  Backup support is available on a 24-hour basis from Foyle Trust 16+ Pathway Team, and F.H.A.S.S. Francis Street on call service.

We offer a safe environment where young people are given the space and respect needed so as they can acquire the life skills needed to maintain and sustain permanent accommodation within the community.  



  • To provide a safe supportive environment

  • To provide a living environment that promotes a non-judgemental approach towards, respect, understanding, diversity, independence, self-sufficiency and individual responsibility.

  • Support and assist each young person to develop independent living skills through advice and guidance.

  • To provide advice and guidance on a range of issues, for example cooking, budgeting, social skills and sexual health.

  • To provide individual time and space for one-to-one discussions, which will help young people explore and learn to resolve problem issues.

  • To assist young people to develop and maintain daily living routines and essential community networks towards independent living in the community.

  • To act as an advocate on behalf of the young person when addressing their career and educational needs.

  • To work in partnership with Foyle Trust and Youth Accommodation Support Project to develop and review each young person’s individual support package and Pathway plan.

  • To liase with voluntary and statutory organisations in order to provide the best standard of support possible to each and every service user.

  • To obtain active links with local communities and “across the divide” to support the development of local networks of support for young people in the local communities to facilitate move on to permanent housing.

  • To respect and understand young people’s dreams and aspirations and collectively strive to achieve these.

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